CTS Minimum Discounts for MaaS360
For Product specifications, please see the manufacturer web site MaaS360.com
Fiberlink Part # IBM Part # Per Managed Client Device IBM New Product Name Description Subscription Term MSRP *  Managed Device(per month) Min Discount % DIR Price
MAAS360MDMAMM D1AJWLL IBM MobileFirst Protect Mgmt Suite Advanced Mobility Management Bundle (MDM, MAM, MEM, CON) Annual $3.00 23%  $2.31
MAAS360MDMSPS D1AKELL IBM MobileFirst Protect Prod Suite Secure Productivity Suite Bundle (SEM, SEB, APS, MAM, CON) Annual $3.00 23%  $2.31
MAAS360MDMEG D1AKTLL IBM MobileFirst Protect Gateway Suite Mobile Enterprise Gateway Bundle (SBG,DEG, APG) Annual $1.50 23%  $1.16
MAAS360SDS D1AL7LL IBM MobileFirst Protect Content Suite Secure Document Sharing Bundle (DOC, EDI, SYN, CON) Annual $2.25 23%  $1.73
* MSRP as of 3/21/17; subject to change