Full Breadth of Mobility

Mobile devices enhance productivity, allowing you to communicate and work anytime, anywhere.
With long battery life, a wide array of form factors, many options for ruggedness and a large quantity of task-enhancing peripherals and accessories, finding mobile devices to make your workday more productive has never been simpler.
The employee experience is being enhanced today by allowing them to choose their own devices. Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) programs are becoming quite common these days. CTS can provide devices in all form factors with all operating systems to make it convenient to support CYOD.


Enterprise Tablets

Users that are rarely in the office, such a field service and sales people, see that mobile devices enhance productivity on a daily basis. Sleek and lightweight, enterprise tablets can project a presentation, participate in an online meeting, access data from the cloud and transmit information back to headquarters.


Rugged Devices

Ruggeds are built from the inside out to withstand harsh environments. These devices will survive drops, vibration, extreme temperatures and damp and dusty work sites.



Chromebooks are lightweight, easy to manage and launch in seconds. Security updates are applied automatically, preventing bugs. For workers whose work tools are all in the cloud, Chromebooks are an excellent choice.


For users who need a mobile device with the power and flexibility of a desktop, laptops are the way to go. Laptops are highly portable yet still run a sophisticated operating system while featuring niceties such as keyboards and a mouse.


Wearable computers that keep hands free (so as not to overturn the forklift) but provide critical data, such as inventory that needs to be restocked or shipped, in real-time have long-been mission-critical to job functions such as warehousing and logistics.

The latest trend in Wearables are tiny devices such as Watches. They are fast gaining in popularity in the business world, to bolster communications, provide job site safety, track employees, manage time cards automatically, improve customer service and enhance productivity.

There’s more to it than the device. You may want to consider the following:

Which OS integrates best with your existing infrastructure and legacy software? In these days of BYOD, most environments are mixed. CTS helps you secure and manage multiple Operating Systems.

Which MDM/EMM/UEM best manages and secures your devices, data and applications? Are there any special security considerations for the ways you will use your mobile devices, such as collecting customer personal information? CTS can help you configure your management tool to best enforce your mobile security policies.

How will you connect your mobile device to the network? Do you need WiFi or WLAN, carrier service for when you are in the field, or mobile WiFi for vehicles that need constant connectivity? Let CTS assist.

Which peripherals and accessories do you need? A protective case, a carrier bag, a vehicle mount, a mag stripe reader to perform financial transactions, a kiosk to display your menu? CTS can help you find productivity enhancing-tools.

How are you going to deploy your mobile devices into the field? CTS images your devices with your software, kits your devices and accessories and delivers them to one or multiple locations.

Bring Your Mobile Programs to Fruition

CTS is a Solutions Integrator that understands how technology impacts businesses, how mobility drives productivity and how mobility can help you reach your customers in new impactful ways. CTS Managed Mobility Services (MMS) help you achieve the benefits you expect from your mobile programs while minimizing TCO, maximizing uptime and without having to acquire a specialized skillset. CTS provides a comprehensive approach to our MMS offerings – available turnkey or a la carte. With CTS MMS, your mobile programs are delivered on schedule and on budget.

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