A Solutions Portfolio for all your IT needs

VSky Cube

HyperConverged Storage Solutions for Data Centers that easily deploy and scale.

VTrak Flash/Hybrid

High-Performance Flash/Hybrid Arrays & Software-Defined Storage with advanced data services included.

VTrak E5000

Enterprise HA RAID Storage for SAN and DirectAttach Access – now up to 16GFC and 12G SAS.

VTrak J5000

Enterprise HA RAID Storage for SAN and DirectAttach Access – now up to 16GFC and 12G SAS.

Whether you are a small business or a large-scale datacenter, Promise has a solution for your IT department. Our portfolio includes unified block & file storage, appliances for small workgroup shares in SMBs, high density, highly available storage for large scale data centers. All with outstanding quality, reliability and always-on Technical Support.

Data Protection

Promise storage solutions will assure your valuable data is safe and always available.

While providing rock-solid reliability for large scale Data Centers and Enterprise IT, Promise storage is very easy to setup, manage and maintain for IT teams at smaller businesses besides being extremely cost-effective.


The Promise of Virtualization

Businesses are turning to virtualization to more efficiently manage their datacenters for various workloads. Promise VMware certified solutions like VTrak D5000 series and VTrak Flash Storage Appliance can help you easily setup VMs that can be reallocated for performance, capacity or a mix to maximize this efficiency, needing lower space, power and cooling. With Promise you can also easily expand or scale out as your needs grow.

Business continuity

Promise brings you peace of mind with its highly-available solutions that keep your business humming!
Fully redundant, self-healing systems guarantee against individual component and subsystem failures.

All upgrades and maintenance can be done in the background without interruption to your business flow.



Related Products


VSkyCube – hyperconverged infrastructure operating software

VTrak Flash/Hybrid Storage Appliances

High Performance High Availability Flash/ Hybrid Appliances – Software Defined Storage with advanced Data Services included.

VTrak E5000 Series

Enterprise HA RAID Storage for SAN & DirectAttach Access- now upto 16GFC & 12G SAS! High bandwidth, low latency with advanced RAID protection ideal for rich media and HPC shared storage. Available in 4u24, 2u24 with 3u16 and 2u12 coming soon!

VTrak J5000 Series

The VTrak J5000 Series are redundant SAS/SATA JBOD expansion units for cloud and enterprise data centers. The VTrak J5000 Series allows users to leverage the advantages of 12 Gb/s SAS technology to help optimize performance for the bandwidth intensive, high-performance requirements of enterprise level storage.

Vess J2000 Series

The Vess J2000 series is a robust storage expansion platform that serves as a building block to provide high-availability and flexibility in a cost effective package that is simple to administer and meets the demands of your application.

Vess R2000 Series

The Vess R2000 Series are high availability unified storage solutions with Fibre Channel (8Gbps), NAS and iSCSI (1Gbps & 10Gbps) host connectivity in one box. Offering powerful, cost-effective and flexible storage for SMBs, the Vess R2000 Series allows business to plan storage services with a high level of flexibility.

VTrak Jx30 Expansion Chassis Series

Providing up to 24Gb/s of bandwidth over the external multilane 6G SAS host interface, the VTrak x30 series allows storage applications to access their data at blistering speeds. The 6G SAS architecture paves the way for immense available bandwidth to support the flood of unstructured data now flowing across networks today.

VTrak Ex30 RAID Subsystems Series

The PROMISE VTrak x30 Series of intelligent, high availability RAID storage subsystems has fundamentally changed storage economics. From purchase and set up, to operation and upgrade, PROMISE storage offers unmatched performance, reliability and value.

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