A fun game that Improves math skills.

Number Sense is a game that helps players master their math skills. Players interact with a dynamic number board to achieve fluency and mastery over numbers and numerical operations.


Acquire and build an intuitive sense of number relationships and spatial positioning.

Basic Math

Improve your ability to quickly perform addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Complex Math

Learn to quickly perform complex addition, subtraction and multiplication operations

Roman Numerals

Learn and reinforce your mastery and speed of recalling Roman numerals.

Magically Master Math.

Achieve math mastery by simply playing Number Sense. Number Sense builds your math “muscle memory” with carefully constructed exercises and your very own Number Sensei to guide you along the way.

It’s Fun

Simple math transformed into fun exercises.


It’s challenging

Simple ≠ easy. Beat the clock, set a new personal best.


It’s rewarding

Conquer challenges, earn badges and cool rewards.


It’s adaptive

Levels are unlocked as skill level improves.


It’s addictive

Math addictive? Yeah, we said it. We dare you to stop.


It’s educational

Track your growth vs yourself and your peers.

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New Learning Platform Provides Dynamic Learning Experiences, Instant Feedback to Students, and Saves Teachers Hours on Grading

Create . Captivate . Educate

Knomadix powers a truly digital classroom experience with integrated tools for students, teachers, and curriculum specialists. Knomadix allows school districts, schools and teachers to:

  • Create individualized, dynamic lessons using existing static PDF and video resources
  • Captivate students with personalization, interactivity and instant feedback
  • Educate with individualized lessons, digital classroom efficiency and insightful analytics


Create Dynamic, Individualized Lessons

Knomadix  allows teachers and curriculum specialists to easily create or transform static PDF or video resources into engaging, dynamic lessons that are tailored, and adaptive, to student’s needs.

Unlike static lessons, dynamic lessons engage students, and provide teachers new digital tools to manage the classroom, evaluate student performance, and gain insights into individual student work steps.

Provide Immediate Feedback

Knomadix dynamic lessons are interactive. This provides opportunity to gain insight into the student’s solution process, and provide feedback at multiple points in the student journey.

This combination of contextual and timely feedback is essential to effective learning — permitting students to experiment while minimizing the risk of getting completely lost

Leverage Automation and Actionable Analytics

Knomadix enables teachers to create personalized assignments catering to differing skill levels. Integrated analytics and digital workflow allow teachers to easily gauge student achievement and assess learning outcomes.

The Knomadix digital workflow simplifies lesson creation, assignment and review; captures student and teacher interactions; and helps to improve efficiency of student assessment while reducing teacher grading duties.

Achieve Continuous Improvement in Learning

Knomadix empowers teachers to achieve continuous improvement in student learning — through fun, easy-to-create, dynamic lessons; immediate feedback; and actionable analytics.

This is a proven formula for continuous improvement — and Knomadix provides teachers, curriculum specialists, and administrators the tools to realize this formula.

Knomadix Solutions


Knomadix Backpack provides easy access to fun and engaging interactive lessons, immediate feedback for improved comprehension and retention, simplified assignment submission and teacher feedback, and improved organization for learning and preparedness.


Knomadix Studio & Classroom allow dynamic lesson development & classroom management — allowing Teachers to cater to different learning styles, gain insight into student performance, and simplify workflow with auto-assignment management, grading and tabulation.

Curriculum Specialist

Knomadix Studio gives curriculum specialists tools to easily transform existing static lessons into dynamic, interactive lessons, or to create completely new dynamic, interactive lessons. Knomadix Exchange allows secure sharing and collaboration among teachers at district and state levels.

School Administrator

The Knomadix Platform provides the most comprehensive solution to allow Administrators to effectively plan and transform their classrooms into engaging learning environments. This includes localized lesson creation and administration, insightful analytics, comprehensive support and flexible deployment models.

Available on contract DIR-SDD-3805.

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