Connect your fleets, people, devices, and assets with Enterprise-grade intelligent IoT solutions that deliver deep visibility, resiliency and secure connectivity.

Available on contract DIR-CPO-4447 and TIPS 200105.

Enterprise IoT Solutions

Skyus IoT USB Modems

Cost-Effective, Enterprise-Grade Failover

In today’s always-connected world, a secure backup option is mandatory for every business. But a high-end backup network that rivals your primary connection isn’t always practical, and a consumer solution lacks the durability for everyday deployment and diverse environments.

In these situations, the Skyus SC and DS series are ideal solutions. A reliable, immediate failover for your network, these USB options ensure a secure cellular connection in a rugged, compact package, scalable to mobile plans of varying data, bandwidth, and speed.

Industrial IoT Gateways & Routers

Secure, Versatile IoT Solutions

Inseego’s portfolio of gateways and routers are purpose-built to meet every need of the vast IoT ecosystem. With a variety of speed variants ranging from high-performance for data-intensive HD video surveillance to tiny bursts of data for industrial sensors, Skyus has a solution to meet your toughest demands. With a wide variety of interfaces, wired and Wi-Fi connectivity, multiple power supply options, and a powerful backup battery, the secure Skyus portfolio is suitable for any fixed or mobile application, use case or industry.

Inseego IoT Connect


IoT made simple

Accelerate your project, customize your management and insights needs and preferences, and do it all from one secure and IT-friendly, user-friendly interface.

Manage your deployment, and then some. Inseego’s IoT Connect device management platform brings thousands of IoT assets onto a simple, visual interface. The telco-grade cloud solution provides oversight across all your devices, regardless of distance. And the user-friendly interface makes it easy to recognize trends at a glance, empowering your team to make quicker decisions.

Enhanced visibility across all devices – with just one click.

4G LTE Fixed & Mobile Solutions

4G LTE Mobile Hotspots & USB Modems

Reliable and Secure Internet Delivered Anywhere

When you want, need, have-to-have the best internet connection ever, choose Inseego. Inseego 4G LTE mobile broadband solutions are designed for one purpose and that’s it: the best-ever dedicated portable Internet connection. Share it or tether it, secure it and rely on it to last all day.

4G LTE Fixed Wireless Voice & Data

Fast, Reliable Internet and Phone in Your Area

Easily install Inseego broadband internet and phone solutions for your home or business when cable, DSL, fiber or other wired services aren’t an option.

5G applications, powered by Inseego

Transforming Businesses with 5G Speeds

Inseego is at the forefront of innovation, supporting 5G advancement and a range of technology breakthroughs.

Early deployments of 5G will support millimeter wave (mmWave) and sub 6GHz spectrum for increased capacity and throughput. An efficient and high-speed broadband link is fundamental to bandwidth-hungry use cases. 5G uses large spectrum footprints to support these deployments on a massive scale, without overcrowding and slowing networks. This helps 5G applications maintain multi-gigabit broadband speeds with very low latency. Advancements such as 5G New Radio (NR) and 5G NextGen core network will bring benefits to nearly every industry from autonomous vehicles, factory automation, gaming, healthcare, smart cities, aviation, manufacturing, home broadband, SD-WAN and more. Inseego’s customers will be among the first to experience the power of 5G in their homes and offices.


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