Internet of Things gives us new ways to better understand situations and act on them. We can know a person’s safety and well-being without being in the same room as them.
We can remotely manage physical facilities – which means we don’t have to travel there to determine the actions we should take. And we can know immediately if someone is in an unsafe situation.
The opportunities for doing things better seem endless. Defining real-world problems that are business-critical motivates and drives us.
However, we need to ensure that technology works for people first and foremost. The privacy and dignity of each individual must be the first consideration. Therefore we always take the approach that technology should be non-intrusive.
This is what drives the iGT IoT Platform.
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iGT Health

Dignified Living

Healthcare technology and the Internet of Things is a perfect match, however, technology can never fully substitute human interaction. Therefore, the iGT IoT Platform was created with a people-first approach.

Each person is different. They have different needs and abilities, which means their reality needs to be addressed differently. The iGT advanced data model analyzes and understands the profile and the situation of the person and recommends the next best actions accordingly. Ensuring that the right information reaches the right person at the right time, is crucial for a dependable solution that secures the safety and well being of people.

Privacy and dignity are key to everything iGT does. The iGT IoT Platform ensures the safe-keeping of personal and health information. All iGT solutions are designed to be non-intrusive and take into account their people-first philosophy.

iGT ensures people achieve better quality of life.

iGT Health is Suitable For:

Active Assisted Living

Any size AAL facility, free-standing facilities or multiple locations. The solution is scalable and has been tested in environments handling as much as 500 million events per second.

Transitional Care

iGT Health is flexible and allows for easy management of changes in patient status as they transition from a stay in the hospital to home or another level of care.

Home Assisted Care

Ensuring people are safe in their own home and able to stay at home longer. iGT provides remote patient handling solutions for any type of community with resident monitoring needs.


Better Quality of Life

Patients and seniors can live at home longer

More Privacy

Patients and residents are remotely monitored thereby gaining more privacy and freedom.

Safer Patients

By knowing what happens when with each patient, the healthcare provider can ensure each patient is followed up in the best and safest possible way.

Operational Efficiency

Remote patient monitoring results in needs-based management and fewer checkup rounds.

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