Public Safety E-Book

Network Technologies Transforming State & Local Public Safety

Cradlepoint Public Safety ebook

First responders depend on connected technologies to help quickly provide life-saving assistance, deal with emergencies, and bring order to chaotic situations.  Cradlepoint is proud to connect and serve first responders with technology designed to work in the toughest conditions and when agencies, officers, and the community need it the most.

Cradlepoint offers advancements in cloud management to save valuable hours and costs by performing critical management functions remotely from a cloud-based management platform, security built into all levels, ruggedized hardware for a resilient network that will hold up in harsh environments, and simple scaling as technologies evolve.

What You’ll Get:

  • First responder customer success stories using LTE networking solutions
  • Best solutions for always-on networks to protect & serve communities

Learn about Cradlepoint’s all-inclusive NetCloud Solution Packages for branch, mobile & IoT Networks and next steps.

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