Bretford delivers solutions to secure, manage and power mobile users, enabling your organization to gain productivity, increase effectiveness and leverage actionable intelligence.​

Charging Carts

Keep devices charged, secured and managed with the latest advances, innovations and safety requirements for deployment and provisioning of your electronic mobile assets.

Charging Stations & Trays

Charge and store up to 20 mobile devices in a compact footprint. Trays can be daisy-chained for even larger device capacity charging from one wall outlet while stations can be stacked or wall mounted. Stations and trays deliver on-demand charging needs, providing power based on the connected devices’ requirements.

Charging Lockers

Reduce costly deployments, increase productivity and understand usage patterns. This dynamic, agile locker solution enables users to provision, charge, secure and manage electronic devices with our smart locker system and cloud-based asset management software, Bretford Connect.

Juice® Mobile Power

Expand your charging capacity and increase productivity. A powerful, flexible, safe, mobile charging solution that brings power from the wall to anywhere in the room. Juice Mobile Power delivers active charging of electronic mobile devices, reducing downtime due to devices left uncharged.

AV Carts, Mounts & Stands

Safely store, transport and power presentation technology equipment. The AV cart, mount and stand solutions are UL-certified, making them ideal for all business and education environments
Available on contracts DIR-TSO-3805 and TIPS 200105.


Victor Elementary School District: Charging Carts

University Liggett School: Juice Mobile Power

Jonesboro High School: Charging Lockers

Dallas Independent School District: Xplore® Mobile Whiteboard

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