Available on Contracts DIR-TSO-3128 and DIR-TSO-3796.

7 Reasons Businesses Use Workspace ONE


One Platform – Any Use Case

Workspace ONE is the only digital workspace platform that provides unified endpoint management and a seamless user experience for accessing any app on any device, across knowledge worker, line of business (LOB), high security, BYO and any other use case in your organization.

Any Desktop, Any App, Anywhere

Workspace ONE enables users to access any app – SaaS, web, native, virtual – from any mobile device, PC, or rugged/IoT device. Workspace ONE delivers desktop and app virtualization powered by our industry-leading VMware Horizon technology, which enables you to securely deliver and manage Windows apps at scale through a single digital workspace.

The Safest Place for Your Data

Only Workspace ONE provides data loss prevention (DLP) across everything you do – app by app – with integrated per-app VPN, security SDK and risk-based conditional access controls. Workspace ONE enables the simplest enablement and provisioning of Office 365 including complete DLP support.

Open Ecosystem, Open Choice

Our unparalleled open ecosystem works across devices, apps and security providers. No matter how you choose to enforce security, whether you deploy in the cloud or on premises, or what devices and apps you add in the future, our technology simply works. Plus, as a founding member of the AppConfig community, VMware is committed to supporting every app, now and in the future.

Best Value

Enjoy rapid ROI from a product that is easier to manage, includes powerful troubleshooting capabilities, provides faster deployment of new apps, offers self-service capabilities and supports advanced use cases.

Faster Innovation

We push the boundaries of what’s possible with the mobile digital workspace – keeping you ahead of the competition. Be agile with automatic upgrades and same-day support for the latest operating systems to keep your employees at maximum productivity, all the time.

Market Leadership

Industry analysts consistently rank VMware as a leader in end-user computing technologies, year after year.

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