Single Sign-On

Secure, One-Click Access to all Apps

What is SSO?

Single sign-on (SSO) secures access to an unlimited number of apps by minimizing password risks and lets users access cloud, mobile and on-premises apps from any device – desktop, laptop and mobile. With SSO, users enter their credentials – a single user name and password – once, and get secure access across apps and devices — based on IT security policy.

Compromised credentials are the leading cause of data breaches. Once a hacker has stolen a password, it reduces the complexity for them to, with brute force and perseverance, find a way to penetrate your network and create a security incident.

20-30% of IT Help Desk requests are for password resets at a cost of $70 each. SSO help you reduce your risk of a data breach as well as improve productivity and lowering costs.

Cost of a Data Breach

Based on a study of 63 US companies who experienced a data breach, the financial impact of a breach continues to rise.1

1Ponemon Institute, “2017 Cost of a Data Breach Study. Sponsored by IBM Security.

Challenges of Password Management

Most users access 5-20 password protected applications per day – leading to users creating shortcuts such as reused and overly-simple passwords.

Policies for hardened passwords can still be followed for individual applications, but with peace of mind when users don’t need to remember dozens of complex credentials.

Password management is expensive. 20 – 30 % of Help Desk calls are for password resets, according to Gartner. per Forrester Research, the average cost of a password reset is $70.

Mobile Security and SSO Configuration are a specialized skillsets and you may not require full-time resources to support.

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Benefits of SSO


Enhanced Security

Passwords are stored in a central SSO server, not the actual app that users are accessing. Credentials aren’t cached to be discovered by the next user. SSO also reduces pfishing risks.


Your Help Desk is freed from resetting passwords to resolve more pressing issues. Users don’t waste time being locked out of apps due to forgotten credentials. Users move seamlessly between apps without specifying passwords each time.

Unlimited Apps

Users can access an unlimited number cloud and mobile apps from multiple devices while maintaining stringent security. On-premise Virtual Apps are also supported with Cloud SSO.

Return on Investment

Reducing help desk requests for password resets and the time users are locked out of apps due to forgotten passwords quickly demonstrates ROI.


IT security policies are more likely to be followed when SSO is employed. SSO eliminates use of reused and too-simple passwords as well as passwords noted on sticky pads.

Customer Experience

External customers are more likely to purchase when login is simple. IT will be a champion to their users when they streamline user access to one click, allowing users to focus on the job at hand rather than remembering passwords.

Terminated Employees

Former employees provided access to your apps and data are deprovisioned with one click.

Security Analytics

SSO provides IT with visibility into which apps are being accessed and by which users and incidents of credential-sharing.

CTS Cloud SSO Services

One-click Sign-on to all Apps for End Users

End Users are able to access all of their apps with one set of credentials across desktops, laptop and mobile devices.

Apps Assigned to users by roles

Each user will have customized app access based on their day-to-day business needs. For example, nearly everyone might require Office 365, but only a few need access to financial data. You will receive a map of who has access to apps based on role-based access requirements.

Unlimited Apps

Users can access an unlimited number cloud and mobile apps from multiple devices. On-premise Virtual Apps are also supported with Cloud SSO.

App Categorization

Apps will be displayed in categories, ie Travel, Expense Management, Communications, etc. Simplifying navigation drives productivity.

Identity Data

SSO federates identity from on-premises and cloud-based directories. Maintain your Active Directory, LDAP or Google Directory as the authoritative data source for authentication. Give business partners SSO to your shared apps with inbound federation. Provide turnkey authentication to your customer apps, leveraging social or cloud logins.

Roles & Privileges

You will receive a directory of users assigned to roles and the privileges associated with those roles.


CTS will provide training to the SSO administrators so that they can support it going forward.

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Enforce your security policies, protect your identities and increase your user satisfaction with SSO configured by CTS.
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