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Enterprise Mobility Management solutions have evolved and added capabilities rapidly since the original Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools gained widespread adoption. They now secure and manage mobile apps and content. Many EMM suites have not been configured to take advantage of the enhanced security features available now and are not completely enforcing the mobile security policies of their organizations.

Some EMM solutions can proactively detect a device with malware, a jailbroken device, or a device running an OS version with known security issues accessing the corporate network. Other advanced capabilities include identity management, access management, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

The adoption of mobile devices in the workplace has led to greater productivity and flexibility and increased customer and employee satisfaction. Mobility is here to stay. Have CTS configure your EMM to enforce your mobile security policies and protect your organization from a data breach.


  • BYOD requires security policies that protect the privacy of employees as well as keeping proprietary company data secure from a breach. This will apply to workers’ wearable devices a well.
  • Multi-OS environments are common as more employees are choosing their own devices; CTS can configure your EMM to support them all.
  • Availability of apps, especially email, is critical to workers in the field. An interruption can significantly reduce productivity.
  • Mobile workers expect to be more productive; they do not want security precautions that limit their choice of apps, devices or content.
  • IoT devices and the data collected on them can be secured by the EMM.
  • Regulatory compliance requirements drive the need to ensure app and data integrity on mobile devices.
  • EMM configuration and Mobile Security are specialized skillsets that you may not require as a full-time resource.
  • CTS can monitor your EMM on an ongoing basis to verify that devices and apps are being used in compliance with your mobile security policies.


  • Deploy, monitor, integrate and manage mobile devices in the workplace.
  • IT will have visibility into which apps are being accessed by which users and incidents of credential-sharing.
  • Restricts ‘ad hoc’ and ‘bypass’ security policies being set by users.
  • Maximized workforce productivity. Employees have access to their essential apps and can work anytime, anywhere.
  • Remote wiping of company data on compromised devices.
  • Self-service app stores, remote provisioning, policy-driven configuration and remote wiping allow the IT department to work more efficiently.
  • Role-based access to apps insures that people can only use the apps that are essential to their job function.
  • Only pre-approved apps are able to send or receive sensitive data.
  • Sensitive data is stored in an encrypted, managed container on mobile devices.

CTS will configure your EMM to comply with your mobile security policies.

  • Email Availability
  • Roles/User Groups
  • BYOD
  • Mobile App Management
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Access & Permissions
  • Single Sign-On
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Camera Usage
  • App Installation
  • Multi-OS Environments
  • Dashboard Views
  • App Store
  • Filters
  • Enrollment Options
  • Data Usage
  • Identity Management
  • Wearables
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile Information Management


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Enforce your security policies, protect your proprietary data and know who’s accessing your network.

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