Your Guide for a Secure and Connected Election Day Network

Increasingly, counties and cities are utilizing wireless Internet to provide temporary connectivity that is easy, reliable, and secure during elections.

Learn how you can:

  • Protect against external breaches

  • Provide safe network communication

  • Empower lean IT staff to spin up, spin down, and manage networks

This free checklist gives election leaders a systematic way to evaluate and secure all of your Election Day technologies.

Learn How to Safeguard Your Election & Polling Places

When you’re responsible for securing and connecting every voting center, your team needs an easy process and tools to translate a checklist into action. 

Cradlepoint is sponsoring lunch & learn workshops to county election leaders and their IT staff. Learn how to solve your election network challenges in a low-risk, completely tailored environment.

Inquire about a no-cost IT security workshop today.

Protect Your County Elections from Pervasive Threats

Resources curated to educate and guide U.S. election agencies’ cyber security decisions.

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