Mobility drives productivity.

Citizens appreciate it when their government operates efficiently, and mobility drives productivity while making government services more accessible to the public. Operating systems, device and data security, connectivity, peripherals, accessories, deployment and on-going support are a few of the considerations that need to be part of your mobile project plan. CTS can help.

Project Planning

CTS takes a holistic approach to Project Planning. We start by understanding your business objectives. Mobility can make field workers more productive, office orkers more effective and remote workers more connected to headquarters, and CTS can help you evaluate solutions to meet your needs. We also ensure that they will work with your existing infrastructure and develop a  plan that can be implemented on time and on budget.

Service Levels

The successful implementation of any plan is dependent on all participants understanding their role within the project and the level to which they must perform. Clearly-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) streamline project tracking by removing ambiguity and promoting the objective evaluation of performance within the project.  SLAs allow non-conformances to be quickly identified and corrective action taken to keep the program on schedule and on budget.

Financial Strategies

CTS mobile programs deliver low TCO; we also have flexible financing options so that your mobile program fits your budget. If you would prefer using OpEx to CapEx, we have leasing options for any size project. At the end of the lease, you have the choice of buying the device outright at a low cost, or returning the device to CTS and receiving an updated device.

Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Services are unique to each customer. They are available on a turn-key or a la carte basis and will be customized to meet your requirements. This broad category of services includes, but is not limited to:

Use-case development
Service Level Agreements

EMM evaluation
Financial Strategies
BYOD policies and management
Signal Quality Assessment

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