Efficient Program Launches

The Deployment Lab at CTS is always busy, helping our customers by delivering turn-key mobile solutions, charged and ready to go, out of the box. From sourcing and procuring the components to kitting, imaging and configuring policies, CTS frees up your resources to get your mobility program off to a smooth start, on schedule and on budget.


EMM/MDM Enrollment & Configuration

CTS has relationships with the premier providers of EMM and MDM suites. We help you to evaluate the large selection and find the management tool that best fits your infrastructure and business objectives. CTS enrolls your mobile devices in the EMM/MDM and configures the EMM/MDM to enforce your mobile security policies. The EMM/MDM is also used to distribute software updates and patches to your devices. In addition, the EMM/MDM is used to remotely wipe a misplaced device.

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Cloud SSO Configuration Services

Single Sign-On (SSO) provides secure, one-click access to an unlimited number of cloud, mobile and on-premise apps and users only need to enter their credentials once. Most people access 5-20 password-protected apps each day. SSO helps you enforce your security policies, protect your identities and increase you user satisfaction.

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Cloud MFA Configuration Services

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) adds layers of protection to your mobile security. Per Verizon, compromised credentials – stolen and/or weak passwords – were used in 81% of hacking-related breaches. Many organizations are turning to MFA to strengthen their credentials.

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Application Imaging

CTS helps you develop your “gold image” and install it on your devices. In addition, CTS stores a copy of your “gold” device image and use that on subsequent device deployments – or in case of an emergency, device replacement.

Kit Systems and Accessories

Many times, in addition to the device itself, your users need cases, external keyboards, mice, and other peripherals. Rather than confront the user with multiple boxes, CTS unpacks the cartons and recyles the packing material.  We fabricate a custom container that holds everything the end-user needs to be operational in as short a time as possible.

Deliver and Deploy

CTS’s ability to enroll, image and kit allows for cost effective delivery to all end-users. If needed,  a technician meets the box to assist the user to get started. Onsite installation is also an option.

Deployment Services

Deployment Services are unique to each customer. They are available on a turn-key or a la carte basis and will be customized to meet your requirements. This broad category of services includes, but is not limited to:

Product procurement
Custom settings
EMM/MDM Enrollment & Configuration
Cloud SSO Configuration
Cloud MFA Configuration
BYOD policies and management
Signal Quality Assessment

Application imaging
Charging to specified baseline
Delivery to one or multiple locations
On-site Installation
Financial Strategies

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